4 Reasons You Should Never Be In Business Without A Mentor

Olawunmi Olatunji | @lawunmiolatunji

‘’in learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins.

The expression ‘’It takes a village to raise a child’’, is very true
in the business world, and is why having a mentor is important. In my work as a
business consultant, I have found that a mentor can help entrepreneurs grow
exponentially in business.

I believe mentorship is key to awakening business leaders and driving economic development in Africa. So, when Accelerate Nigeria invited me to its board I was thrilled and I knew the journey will be worthwhile. Accelerate Nigeria is a FREE business accelerator program designed to mentor, coach and support ambitious small & medium scale entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 

cup-2884023_1920Clearly, many early-stage businesses in Africa face challenges, especially in processes, governance, financial management and market strategies. These limits their ability to access finance and investments. When these non-financial challenges are addressed, entrepreneurs will become better prepared to take on investments and capital injections.

Mentoring relationship is a rewarding experience for both parties. As an entrepreneur, having a mentor will have huge positive impact on your business. If you are blessed with a great mentor, you are able to access a wealth of knowledge and experience from him/her. This can end up in a lifelong friendship, useful network or potential business
partnership.  Similarly, mentors too feel fulfilled and learn from the relationship. I have built relationships, good ones, by mentoring entrepreneurs.

Below, I highlight more on the benefits of a mentor – mentee relationship.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is a person that has experience in a specific industry or field. The mentor offers support which comes in form of guidance, advice or help.

What are the benefits to the Mentor?

For a mentor, this can be opportunity to reflect on one’s own work and practice. It enhances job satisfaction, and it can be a way to give back to the society. Becoming a mentor can also be a way to gain peer recognition and credibility.
Clearly, mentoring can widen your understanding of the entrepreneurs business
and the way it works.

Reasons an entrepreneur should never be in business without a mentor

1)    Avoid unnecessary mistakes in business – Mistakes that can cause you loss of money or time can be easily avoided when you have a good mentor. A great mentor is willing to share information and knowledge in other to help you succeed.

2)    Move up faster – By giving you valuable suggestions and tips,  your mentor can help you set and achieve goals to make smart business decisions

3)    A great sounding board – Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, one that would listen while your run your ideas.  A mentor can give you impartial advice and encouragement, which could assist in problem solving and overcome business challenges.

4)    Professional development – When you have a mentor, you get unparalleled professional development, and this improves your self-confidence.

If you want to go far in business, you need a mentor, who understands your dreams and can help you easily achieve them.

Accelerate Nigeria provides this for you for FREE. Click on this link to apply NOW.


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